NEXT Architects

NEXT architects are Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers and John van de Water. They trained at Delft University of Technology and teach at a number of educational institutes. Before starting NEXT architects, they worked for various leading Dutch architecture firms.

NEXT architects is an architecture practice that covers the full spectrum of the architectural field. Since its earliest projects, ‘Holland – Layer by Layer’ and ‘The Image of Metropolis’, NEXT has explored the boundaries of its own discipline, and searched for areas that overlap with other disciplines. This exploratory attitude has resulted in a highly diverse portfolio that ranges from design products to urban plans.

NEXT architects starts each project with an intensive workshop. We approach every commission openly and without prejudice, developing it from its essence. During the design process, premises and results are continually tested in a workshop context.

NEXT architects owes its innovative character to the correlation between research practice and design practice. Being connected to the actual practice is vital to the development and exploration of the discipline, which doesn’t just concern the development of ideas, but also the concrete implications of those ideas. To actually realize the concepts it develops, NEXT architects collaborates with experienced advisors in the fields of construction, building physics and building cost management, and with landscape architects. We can, for instance, name several award-winning bridge designs we created in collaboration with building technology consultant ABT.