Children’s Culture House

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

Design: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.
Location: Øresundsvej 8B, 2300, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Built area: 1,085 sq.m.
Client: Municipality of Copenhagen.
Awards: Buildings Award 2013 from the City of Copenhagen; Best Building of the year 2013, awarded by “Byggeri”; WAN award - Best Education building in the world - 2014; AIT award 2014.
Photographs: Jens Lindhe and Torben Eskerod.

The Children’s Culture House offers various play facilities and programs for children of all ages.



Located on a street corner, the structure mediates between the adjoining brick buildings, which are of different heights. In its form and use of materials, however, the center is quite distinct. A silvery aluminum skin, perforated by square windows, is drawn over the roof and outer walls. The lower height at the corner allows sunlight to enter the rear courtyard. The expression of the Children’s Culture House is surprising and imaginative: the roof and façades are treated in the same way, and the house does not have a “start” and an “end” as ordinary houses do.


Axonometric View

The interior is organized like a mountain village – providing a number of spatial experiences and fascinating visual links. An important contribution to the design was a series of workshops, allowing the children to develop their own ideas for a Children’s Cultural Center on Amager.


Engineer: Dominia.
Contractor: Anker Hansen & co.