Towards a New Community and why Design Matters

Ebun Akinsete | Fabienne Hoelzel

First Published at The Public Sphere Journal, 2015 LSE Africa Summit Special Issue.

Design: Fabulous Urban (Fabienne Hoelzel, Aro Ismaila, Claudia González García, Mélanie Jeannet, Rujun Jia, Katerina Kálalová, Saskia Niklas, Dácil Rodrigues; construction site management: Aro Ismaila, Mo Ajala, Yhusuph Lharminhur; structural engineer: Hermann Blumer).
Collaborators: Makoko-Iwaya Waterfront Community, Heinrich Böll Foundation Nigeria & SERAC.
Funding: Embassy of Switzerland to Nigeria in Abuja.

Towards a new community-led governance approach, integrating the global into the mundane – and why design matters.

Contemporary Africa is undergoing a rapid evolution, with several African nations experiencing the highest global rates of urbanization. Nigeria, ‘The Giant of Africa’, is no exception and has recently surpassed South Africa as the continent’s largest economy. Along with historical challenges the country has faced, such as corruption and lack of governmental transparency, rapid urbanization brings a new set of issues to the fore.


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Find out more at Makoko facebook and “Makoko Waterfront Economic Opportunities“.

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