Total Housing


A selection of innovative contemporary collective housing. Total Housing is a demonstration of the virtues of high and medium density multi-family homes, and an antidote to urban sprawl. The new and updated selection of works in Total Housing spans a period coinciding with the height of the housing boom to the crisis period in most “developed” economies in the 21st century.

From among the vast built production of this period, Total Housing- Updated increase the selection with 16 news projects that exemplify outstanding innovations in construction systems, spatial organization, models of unit aggregation, and integration of the residential program into the complex of functions that make up our cities.
This book is a design manual as much as a reference for future good practices. Its structure follows a simple sequential order of the number of homes included in each project, revealing that interesting design solutions are found in big and small projects alike. The book also contains detailed plans.

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Featuring works by Lacaton- Vassal, BIG, + JDS, Sadar Vuga Arhitekti, Ryue Nishizawa, FOA, SHoP, and many emerging new architects, this volume is not a simple catalog, but rather a studied collection of inventive projects.