The Timber Hearth: a Home Offering Flexibility, Freedom and Affordability

Space Popular

Space Popular at Biennale Architettura 2018.
Exhibited at Serra dei Giardini in Venice 26.05 - 25.11 2018 as part of the exhibition “Prints Plots and Projections” in collaboration with Setra Group.

Introducing The Timber Hearth – A building system in engineered wood that brings together DIYers and the prefab industry offering flexibility, freedom and affordability to those who want to build a home.

The Timber Hearth from factory to completion

A prefabricated hearth (core) is constructed in a factory based on a fixed layout with some customisation options, making it cheaper and faster. It contains all infrastructure, it is connected to the grid and requires skilled labour for its installation. The construction method and timeline for the remainder of the house (partition walls, floors and facade) is up to the owner and can be completed and modified in stages, allowing the owner to plan according to their means and needs at different times. The Timber Hearth builds a link between the industry and DIY, between technology and craft, widening the possibilities of how one may be able to build a home for life.

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Curator for the Plots, Prints and Projections exhibit is Ulrika Karlsson, Landscape architect LAR/MSA, partner at architects Brrum and the design collaborative servo stockholm, and professor at the The Royal Institute of Technology KTH, School of Architecture and University College of Arts in Stockholm.
Invited architect fi rms include: Norell/Rodhe, Space Popular, Krupinski/Krupinska, Nordmark & Nordmark, TAF & Katja Pettersson and Gran.
Architects of the pavilion were: Katarina Lundeberg and Fredric Benesch, In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur.