The Big Data Model

Ciro Najle

Data Form weaves together a set of mixed-use islands within a matrix of internal commercial connectedness. The mixed-use building—a self-segregated city within a city—is so unique and irresistible that it effortlessly attracts inhabitants into a limbo of shared distraction. It engenders a field of numbness characterized by its appealing adequacy and its uncritical relevance, which hides the extreme vulnerability of the user under the illusion of his/her overpowering by sheer consumption.

Data Form is an entangled archipelago of islands characterized by determined indeterminacy, uprising their machinery for generating totally unnecessary information by means of an internal web that frantically produces difference for the sake of difference. A manifold of mixed-use buildings acts as the infrastructural spine that integrates independent commercial masses within a single artifact. The more congested this spine, the more numerous its internal connections, the more open the exchanges, and the more indifferent to the outside world.

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