SOUPERgreen! Souped Up Green Architecture

Doug Jackson

In sharp contrast to contemporary examples of “green” or “sustainable” architecture—which primarily rely upon the invisible agency of unremarkable technologies and materials to reduce resource consumption, but which do so without producing a necessary shift in the public’s perception of the environment or behavior towards it—SOUPERgreen! demonstrates how green technology can not only perform from a measurable standpoint, but can also produce engaging experiences that profoundly alter, enhance, and transform the public’s understanding of the environment.

By leveraging the inherently expressive nature of technology in order to dramatize the constantly negotiated relationship between humanity and the natural world, the “souped-up” green architecture featured in SOUPERgreen! transforms “greenness” from a mere measurement of environmental performance into an actively engaged and highly conscious lived reality—resulting in a new way of experiencing and understanding the environment that is inherently more ecological.

Featuring projects and essays by Doug Jackson, Wes Jones, Marc Neveu, Aryan Crawford Omar, Steven Purvis, Randolph Ruiz, Mohamed Sharif, SCI-Arc+Caltech, and with a foreword by Sanford Kwinter.

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