Simply Parametric

Fabiano Continanza

London, 20th February 2016 at independent Architecture_Lab.

This essay is an attempt to describe and analyze a new way of working in Architecture, which has been spontaneously developing during the last few years. It is gradually emerging and its ambition is to make an impact on the built environment in the same way Modernism has done. Modernism after ten years of incubation in the twenties has ruled out ideas and concepts for the following fifty years. Seems we are in a similar stage at the moment, in which there is a great collective research and thinking and it can be applied in various fields; from urbanism, architecture, interior and product design, to the totality of the world of artifact.


As it happened during the time of the Bauhaus, there is a new movement that has the potential to make the same impact with Parametric Design as a base. A particular aspect of this research touches the competency of architecture and design, this aspect has to do with communication. Ultimately all design is about constructing platforms in the arena of communication. In this way I would like to frame Parametric Design in its performance on communication and not only on forms and shapes. Functionality is boring whereas performance is about the role Architecture is playing and the scene it really triggers; what it stimulates and what it creates. We are living in a society in which communication is intensifying and ramifying thus allowing Architecture to be very much connected and sensitive to the surrounding. There is a demand to interact and connect with life process; there is a necessity to become simultaneous and legible in terms of how to organize and articulate space, time, people and functions with parametric nature. This essay offers very abstract principles. They are open, they are an invitation to invent, to be creative, to give more degrees of freedom, to give the ability to adapt, to respond, to vary.

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