New Opportunities for the Entropic Landscape

Miquel Lacasta

Leading Workshop Teachers: Miquel Lacasta, Ph.D Architect Unit design; Álvaro Cuellar, Ph.D Architect Urbanism.
Assitant: Marta García-Orte, Architect.

In contemporary terms we tend to speak of landscape. We also tend to speak of the urban. Further, in the collective imaginary of urban planners, landscape designers, geographers and architects, we tend to coincide in speaking of urban landscape, as a conceptual space where the notion of landscape and the notion of urbanity come together. In this way, in the abstract, we will find multiple reflections and even more projects that embody the harmonious combination between these areas. The apparent contraposition between the landscape—what is natural—and the urban—that which is cultural—is resolved in this happy hybrid.

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