Making Sense: Advances and Experiments in Participatory Sensing

Gui Seiz | Mara Balestrini

A project by Gui Seiz and Mara Balestrini, Making Sense, FabLab Barcelona

The vision of the EU 7th Environment Action Programme is that by the year 2050, European society should: “…live well, within the planet’s ecological limits.” Yet, we face an urgent need to address sustainability challenges in ecology, economics, politics and culture. One of these challenges is environmental pollution. Air, water, soil, and sound pollution damage human health and the human and natural environment. Although progress has been made to reduce environmental pollution, it still remains a major concern for European cities. Technological solutions that enable the so-called smart cities have grown exponentially, yet often focus on city management and infrastructure. The inhabitant of the city, the citizen, is often overlooked in the quest for technological advances and novelty.

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