Alles Wird Gut

Planning: AllesWirdGut.
Team: Martin Brandt, Alexander Mayer, Jan Schröder, Christof Braun, Diogo Cruz, Nadine Tschinke, Gui Silva da Rosa, Jessica Wannhoff, Juliane Ullmann.
Client: WVG Bauträger GesmbH, Vienna.
Location: Residential development Gallgasse, 1130 Vienna.
GFA: 6,570 sq.m.
Photographs: AllesWirdGut Architektur/ Guilherme Silva Da Rosa.

Light, air, and green views all around define the ambience of the apartment estate in Gallgasse, in Vienna’s 13th district. On a park-like site, an ensemble of existing older buildings, last refurbished in the 1980s, was transformed into modern living spaces. What made the task so special was preserving as much of the existing buildings as possible while accommodating modern-day apartment layouts within the given heterogeneous structure.



This resulted in four lively volumes with monochrome white skins of different grain textures, which house 46 high-quality condos. Most apartments could be given double orientation in the replanning; some were made through-apartments so as to create open spaces with good daylighting. Additional lighting could be achieved by resizing the window areas and building in new floor-to-ceiling French windows that bring the surrounding lush verdure into the interior.




At the same time, the apartments also extend toward the green vegetation outside: in addition to the park for community use, with old trees and a large terrace with a pergola, an outdoor kitchen and a little children’s playground, each apartment has its own outdoor spaces in the form of private gardens with terraces or large balconies looking out onto old and rare trees like ginkgo and yew.


Site Plan





Building physics/Fire protection: Dipl. Ing. Erich Röhrer.
Structural analysis: KS Ingenieure.
Building engineering: BPS Engineering.
Landscape design: Carla Lo.