Drone: Surface Assumptions

Killian Doherty

At this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, entitled ‘Reporting from the Front’, that focused on ‘humanitarian architecture’, Sir Norman Foster presented a ‘Drone-port’ for Rwanda. Speaking about the project, Fosters eluded that the drone-port emerged from the practice’s canon of airport architecture, but likened less to a building rather as ‘social infrastructure’. This will be the worlds’ first drone port with Foster’s architectural design complimenting the Jonathan Ledgard’s think-tank Redline Afrotech-EPFL, focusing on the application of advanced technologies in and across Africa. The drone-port intends to service difficult to reach hospitals with medical supplies across rurally remote parts of Rwanda.


Vision City, Gasibo, Kigali 2016
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A mockup of Fosters drone-port currently sits outside the Venice Biennale Arsenale, due to be dismantled next week as the exhibition closes.