zfc Architects

The team is formed by three very different architects, who co-founded the firm in 2003.

Ana Zubelzu has worked for the Barcelona City Council and she has been an associate professor with the Architectural Design Department at the UPC since 2010, where she teaches at ETSAV Barcelona and for the Master’s program “Building the City Now” at Barcelona Tech.

Nazari Fabregat has worked with various architectural firms and leads zfc’s technical department.

Antonio Castro has worked in the field of industrial design, lightweight structures and temporary installations.

The team has worked on projects dealing with public space, facilities and housing. Most of their work has been obtained through public tenders. The firm’s projects include large- and small-scale designs, furniture design and interior design for the public administration and for private clients.

The different commissions are approached from a common perspective: working toward the maximum, approaching each project as an adventure and an opportunity.