Z4Z4 Office for Acontecimientos Atmosféricos Arquitectónicos (Atmospheric Architectural Events) based in Madrid and Toulon is led by Rafael Beneytez. Z4Z4 engages in architectural projects that allow the possibility of linking the audience and the authors through mobilisation and activism. All their recent work focuses on the principle that weightlessness allows direct access to ordinary and mundane aspects of life.

In 2014 they have concluded the HTB project for curators PICNIC Y SEÑORA RUSHMORE, have worked for the 2014 Venice Biennale and have built the TEDx León Cloud. They are authors of the CASTILLA Y LEON PAVILLION for the 2008 Zaragoza Exposition (International competition First prize), the HUESCA CONGRESS HALL (International competition First prize), LISTENING TREE (XI Spanish Architecture and Urban Design Biennale Award) or EL CERRO DE LAS MÁRTIRES, HUESCA (Competition First prize).

His work is continuously participating in debates related to the development of contemporary architecture. In 2014 he developed an educational framework on which to develop “This Way Brouwn”, a project that actively criticises the capacity to focus on contextual problems in the process of creating a project. It also develops a series of “Atmospheric Performances” understood as a criticism in acquiring consciousness of air, portrayed in his work, chosen by the COAM, “Gin Tonic Cloud” in “Hasta la Cocina” 2011, “Aire de Paris” for the MPAA and currently “Les Pasages des Panoramas”, or “My Institucional cloudy days”.

They are editors of Anaglyphs and This Way Brouwn. These productions have been published in AV magazine, Pasajes de Arquitectura, TEDx, Diseño Interior, Detail, Tashen, Con-Arquitectura, ARQ, BIEAU XI, ArchDaily, Edgar Gonzalez, ACTAR, Future Magacine, Europan, Experimenta, Diseñart and CDAN