Turf Design Studio

Turf Design Studio offers a rare depth in thinking for major development and public domain; weaving together planning, design and ecology into a vibrant tapestry – creating places that are functional, fit for living, and where the hand of the designer remains largely unseen.

We understand the nature of major urban projects and what it takes to deliver them. As Landscape Architects and Urbanists, we are key contributors in the making of cities. Our blended knowledge of urban design, landscape architecture, environment, community and infrastructure makes our profession unique in connecting people and place.

Our creative and accomplished team brings fresh thinking to every project and strives to realise a site’s inherent character through innovative planning and design solutions.

The making of meaningful, beautiful places is an endeavour that we take very seriously, as both a creative challenge and project responsibility. What makes a place feel right? How can it surprise, excite or soothe the senses? What purpose must it serve and what stories can it tell?

We create settings for life – to enrich a site’s essential qualities of space and light, how it is sensed and how it is revealed.

We create memorable places.