Taylor Cullity Lethlean

Since 1989, Taylor Cullity Lethlean have undertaken an investigation into the poetic expression of the Australian Landscape and contemporary culture. This has permeated our design work in a multiplicity of public settings from urban waterfronts to desert walking trails. In each case the detailed exploration of context, site and community have informed outcomes and enriched the patterning and detail of built landscapes.
Four streams of investigation have informed the practice’s work:
– Contemporary urban life and global culture
– The elemental power of site and landscape
– Artistic practice in a range of disciplines
– The creation of a sustainable future
The results of this dynamic dialogue with clients, communities, academics, and colleagues is an eclectic body of work woven together by a common thread of quality, commitment, and surprisingly simple but rich environments which support the life of the communities they serve.
This success is born out of an open studio based approach where the principals lead the design of each project supported by a talented group of landscape architects and urban designers.