Tania Concko Architects Urbanists

TANIA CONCKO ARCHITECTS URBANISTS ( TCAU ) has been located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 1997 and is recognized internationally for it’s creative approach to housing and urbanism, enriched from an experience based on the plurality and confrontation of approaches.

Interface, interaction, “in between” are the keywords of a body of work, expressed in its reflection and attitude through studies and achievements but as well through urban and architectural research, teaching, participation in workshops, lectures and symposiums.

With its Dutch / French bases and their networks, TCAU has been profiting from being uniquely placed to bring innovative solutions. This aspect of its experience is pivotal since Holland has solutions and capacities which offer fastness and more cost effectiveness than traditional building approach mainly used in Europe.

Besides, Holland offers to the office a real innovating knowledge of large-scale urban projects, strategies and working methodologies which make the Dutch experience one of the most successful in Europe over the last 15 years and one of the most sought after…

TCAU’s core work of Housing and Urbanism is geared towards address the pressing questions related to the large urban renaissance which takes place currently in many European countries and beyond.

The well reviewed Retrospective Exhibition of TCAU’s work at the Arc-en-reve, Bordeaux in 2009, followed more recently by the presentation of TCAU’s work at conferences in Sao Paulo, Paris, Ottawa and Casablanca, forms a clear indicator of the growing international interest in the different approaches that the office takes to reflecting on specific and creative solutions for the the future of cities.

TCAU has gained an extensive experience of design workshops, blending cultural experiences, exchanging ideas, proposing collective creative perspectives of development, engaging with city councils, institutions, community members of neighborhoods, local organizations and architecture students.

Recently, TCAU was invited by the city municipalities of Sao Paulo and Ottawa to participate in workshops with their urban departments, to present approaches developed in Europe in general and by TCAU in particular, and to help review major changes planned in their metropolitan areas.

TCAU’s first completed project, the reconversion of a 3.5ha industrial urban waterfront site in the city of Zaanstad, the Netherlands was widely published and won several international awards.

Since then, TCAU has worked on many large-scale projects for the restructuring or strategic transformation of territories in Europe, and has actively participated in the reflection on major sites of the urban renewal in France.