T2.a Architects | Budapest was founded in 2004 by father and son, Gábor (1948) and Bence Turányi (1974) Our work
is characterised by an openness both intellectually and technically. We are convinced that “good architecture” means the
creation of spaces, structures and materials that strike a healthy balance between aspects of architecture, technology
and environment. Such architecture always bring solutions for the individual and the society alike, and exhibit
outstanding architectural and technological inventions and quality. Our creations are never wanton but an exact answer
to the actual program at hand, the location and the client’s person. The creative process can never be based on analysis
only – this is why we devote special attention to intuition and personal commitment as well. We are proud to say that
in the vast majority of cases our first sketches prove right and pass the test of various analyses, but if not, we are not
afraid to start again the work from sratch.