Strelka KB

Strelka KB is a consulting company with an interest in the city as an integrated system. The company offers strategic consulting, urban planning and project management services. Its structure includes centres for urban anthropology, economics, GIS-analysis, communications and design.
Strelka KB’s central aim is to effect a qualitative change in the Russian urban landscape and create a comfortable and modern environment in our cities. Russia’s cities should be adapted for life in the era of the knowledge economy. Their inhabitants should have opportunities for development, creativity, the education of their children, opening businesses and coming up with new products.
Strelka KB was founded in September 2013 by the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. Strelka KB was the first company in Russia to implement the principles of a public-benefit corporation, investing its profits in the continued development of the institute.
Strelka KB’s CEO is Denis Leontiev, who co-founded the company with partner Varvara Melnikova, Other partners are Alexei Muratov, Grigory Revzin, Daliya Safiullina and Alexandra Sytnikova.