Rüssli Architects

Rüssli Architects is an architecture firm based in Lucerne, Switzerland. The team, consisting of 16 employees, develops and plans challenging construction projects for public and private clients at home and abroad. The company received numerous awards for competent and innovative construction. The team not only creates new residential and commercial buildings but also provides planing studies for individual properties as well as complete urban concepts. Participation in public competitions and studies is an essential part of the professional activities of Rüssli Architects.

The company was founded in 1964 by Walter Rüssli. After a long term engagement in the United States, Justin Rüssli joined the company as partner in 1996. Justin Rüssli assumed the management of the firm in 2004.

Rüssli Architects maintains a partnership with the internationally renowned agency of the Steven Holl Architects of New York. This partnership realizes new architectural competitions and projects – especially in Europe.