RDR Arquitectos

Founded in 1993 by Jacques Richter and Ignacio Dahl Rocha, RDR architectes is headed by a new generation of architects trained within the company, whose philosophy it shares and whose values ​​it promotes, able to draw on a base of experience which has contributed to its reputation, while giving it a renewed vision.

Combining creativity and professionalism, the skills of RDR architectes cover the fields of architecture, urban planning and interior design, mastering all phases of the project process, from preliminary studies to construction and site management.

Over the years, its teams in Lausanne and Buenos Aires have consolidated their experience of a collaborative architectural practice, developing a wide range of projects – of various sizes, programs, and complexities – in favor of public or private mandates, acquired by direct order or competition.

The leadership of the Lausanne team is ensured by Kenneth Ross, Antoine Barc, Frédéric Comby and Hilario Dahl Rocha, while Bruno Emmer and Facundo Morando manage the Buenos Aires team. Ignacio Dahl Rocha continues to guide and federate their architectural thinking, through his involvement in projects and his academic activities. The former partners, Jacques Richter, still active in the associative and professional world, and Christian Leibbrandt, continue to support the management with their advice and experience.

Comprising more than 15 nationalities, RDR’s teams perpetuate the multicultural character that contributes to the practice’s identity. This openness to the world underlies the current and future international vocation of RDR architectes.