noAarchitecten was founded by An Fonteyne, Jitse van den Berg and Philippe Viérin in 1999 and is based in Belgium, both in Brussels and Bruges.
Since the start noAarchitecten has been involved in a variety of projects at different scales.
From early on the practice has had the chance to concentrate on public buildings dealing with complex programmes in historical city centres. It was the sensitivity shown in their buildings that gained them the reputation as a serious partner for complex architectural commissions in difficult, often historical and protected areas.

For noAarchitecten there is no strict line between the past and the present. We believe a city is a continuous process and see architecture as a perfect mediator between different periods. The result should always have an independent existence that does not reflect the process or the many rules and restrictions encountered during the design and construction phases.
Thinking about sustainability is not restricted to the environmental and economic aspects. We believe that the overall quality of a building ensures mental and physical appreciation from a wide range of people, whether they are users, visitors or passers-by. When a building is capable of becoming a positive part of the collective memory of a city, people will care about it and respect it.