NLÉ is an Architecture, Design and Urbanism practice focused on developing cities. Nigerian-born architect, Kunlé Adeyemi, founded it in 2010. It currently has offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in Lagos, Nigeria.

One of the megacentury’s dominant and unstoppable trends is urbanization. The outcome is a growing number of megacities worldwide, all of which face the same challenges. Within this context just as Silicon Valley acts as the home for new technologies it is the cities of the developing world that will generate responsible solutions for the larger world. As thinkers, creatives and agents of change, NLÉ’s role is to reveal these solutions and apply them so that we shape the physical, human and commercial structures that are critical to the near future of human civilization. Our activities encompass city development research and strategy advisory service, conceptualization and creative structuring, architecture and product design, infrastructure design, arts and cultural urban interventions.