Nikos Katsikis

Nikos is an architect and urbanist and Doctor of Design candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). He is currently completing his dissertation,From Hinterland to Hinterglobe, which seeks to contribute to a geographical understanding of the sociometabolic relations between agglomerations and their operational landscapes. At the GSD he is also research associate in the New Geographies Lab, and in the Urban Theory Lab since their foundation, and has served as Instructor in Urban Planning and Design (2015). Since 2012 he is on the editorial board of New Geographies journal and co-editor of New Geographies 06: Grounding Metabolism (Harvard University Press, 2014). He has organized conferences on Geo-graphical Urbanism (2015), Urban Metabolism (2014), Regionalism and the Mediterranean (2013) and the Limits of the Urban (2012). Previously he has worked as a Teaching Fellow and Research Associate at the GSD and the National Technical University Athens and has instructed urban design studios at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. He is a registered architect in Greece (2006) and has practiced architecture and urban design as an individual, and as an associate architect with Sakelaridou and Papanikolaou Architects. He holds a professional degree in Architecture with highest distinction (2006) and a Master in Architecture and Spatial Design (2009) from the National Technical University of Athens. His recent work includes contributions in MONU (2014), Implosions / Explosions: Towards a Study of Planetary Urbanization (N. Brenner ed., Berlin: Jovis, 2013) and the forthcoming book with N. Brenner, Is the world urban? Towards a critique of geospatial ideology (Actar, 2016). His research is supported by grants and scholarships from the Fulbright foundation, the A.S. Onassis foundation, the A.G. Leventis foundation, the Real Estate Academic Initiative and the Milton Fund.