Maryanne George Ewais

Maryanne is an Interior Architect and urbanist, holding a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture. She has an academic experience in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urbanism.
Born and raised in Palestine, pursued her Bachelors degree in American University of Sharjah in the Emirates, and continued her Masters of Advanced Architecture in the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia which she obtained in the year 2017. She has always expressed her interest in drawing and art and always followed her strong enthusiasm since a young age.
During her life she traveled to many places and was interested to see Architecture and landscape of different countries and cities. The most influential places she visited was Cambodia and Japan. In Cambodia where she traveled to see the floating villages in Seam Reap, and the beautiful temples of Angkor Watt. In Japan, she traveled to witness one of the most receptive cities to learn from their excellence and to develop her final thesis on Tokyo’s Urbanization and sea level rise.