Louis Paillard

After studying furniture at the Ecole Boulle, Louis Paillard graduated in Architecture and Design from the same school in 1982. He then graduated as a DPLG Architect at the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-La -Villette in 1988.
In 2003, Louis Paillard opened his own agency in Paris. His work focuses on strong convictions with
contextual Ultras projects inspired by the place. This reflection crosses all scales. It is a question of proposing unique projects, qualities, high environmental qualities, pleasant for its future inhabitants and delivered within construction time. It is a question here of practicing a human, economic, rational and inventive architecture. Dialogue and reflection with all actors are the key words to achieve a quality achievement. This global vision has been transposed since 2003 as a full professor of Architecture at the ENSA in Rennes and today at the ENSA in Nantes.