Groundlab is an international practice of Landscape|Urbanism|Architecture. The practice employs architects, urban designers, engineers, geographers, and landscape architects, to bring together different expertise into a collaborative platform and explores Landscape Urbanism as a new mode of practice and approach to contemporary social, economic, and environmental conditions.

Groundlab develops landscape, urban and architectural design and projects that put forward innovative models in order to produce contemporary environments. Groundlab uses and understands landscape as an alternative and an original model with culturally and socially charged concepts and develops its work out of the close analysis of existing and potential conditions on site utilising temporal and dynamical forces that currently shape the cities.

With an inherently multidisciplinary approach, the studio sees the urban environments as landscapes processes that constantly change and evolve, therefore requiring innovative mechanisms and designs to emerge, configure and re-configure the existing and future urban environments of the 21st century.