Goma Oficina

Goma Oficina started in 2010 as an architect’s collective and since then has worked in an interdisciplinary fashion, bringing together independent artists and professionals. Known for its work diversity and also for its critical and artistic outlook.

Their work was initially focused on urban interventions such as projection mapping onto buildings, exploration installations, illustrations, videos, music, dance, graffiti and many other forms of expression. These interventions inspired the group and allowed for the development of a unique and architectural reflection of the city.

Using this experience as a starting point, a dialogue within distinct realms was created: scenography, art direction, video, photography, graphic and product design, always creating overlays which value each specificity and have as a goal a final product that derives from the usual way we use space and how we interact within it.

Since 2013, Goma called itself a Collaborative Platform, believing on a daily and horizontal exchange amongst independent professionals, who organize themselves in order to work on several projects. Today, it is formed by 9 professionals and has a network of over 30 collaborators.