Founded in Porto and exploring the complementarity of its members, depA collective is a space for architectural creation and discussion, in terms of architectural projects and their interdisciplinary variables. depA has developed a wide array of highly demanding and different architectural projects, both public and private, including the following: Casa do Rosário, in Porto: a finalist in the 2017 National Architecture Prize in Madeira and selected in the ENOR awards; House of Culture, in Pinhel: a finalist in the FAD 2015 Awards, also won an award as the Best Museography Work, an Honourable Mention for the Best Portuguese Museum from APOM and was selected by the Portuguese Architects Association for the collection, Habitar Portugal 12-14; Housing Block in Avenal, in Condeixa-a-Nova: won an Honourable Mention in the Tijolo de Face à Vista award, by Vale da Gândara, 2013.
In addition to public and private commissions, the studio has developed intense research of architectural projects through participation in numerous international
competitions. In this context, it won first prize for the design of the future Santiago Ydáñez Museum of Contemporary Art (2010) in Jaén, Spain, and second prize in the public competition for the rehabilitation of Quinta de Baixo estate (2014), launched by Águas do Porto EM, in Porto and the first prize for the design of the Pedestrian Paths linking the riverside with the uptown in Porto.