Binario architectes

Binario architects started in 2010 and represent the culmination of a long collaboration between the architects Delphine Péters and Andrea Tenuta.
Andrea Tenuta is graduated from IUAV in Venice in 2001. Delphine Péters is graduated from ISA Saint-Luc in Liège in 2000. She obtained a Master degree of Conservation of Monuments and Sites from KUL in 2002.

They both collaborated with Venice-based architecture offices and worked in Belgium between 2001 and 2004.They are prize-winners of several competitions covering topics such as patrimonial restoration and rehabilitation, educational infrastructure and collective housing.

Their specificity comes from their complementarity and their connexion with other fields like urbanism, landscape, scenography and also from the collaboration with craftsmen and passionate trades.

Binario Architects is also very sensitive to the sustainability and the rational use of energy. That is why they systematically integrate this reflection across their architectural design.