Baumgartner + Uriu Architecture

B+U’s mission is to consistently push the boundaries of architecture and urban design. To experiment with new spatial concepts, intensifying existing urban landscapes in pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design. Their practice is a place for innovation and for challenging the way we think about design and the urban environment that surrounds us. Innovation, technology and sustainability are the three concerns of the firm which guide them to creative solution for each design challenge.

Their work is often informed by experimenting with concepts and techniques outside the architectural profession, including music, science, and computation. With their early educations in music combined with their training in architecture B+U combines the realities of design and construction with the theoretical and experimental potential of contemporary composition and digital media. Using technology and research in combination with hands-on design their projects are often informed by mapping and transforming of imperceptible forces, including sonograms, sounds and magnetism, which have been crucial to their work. They have developed analytic and generative software that has allowed them to implement their theories into a three dimensional form.

B+U utilize the techniques and resources of new technologies which are unique to Los Angeles and are a confluence from the movie industry, aerospace engineering, medical technology and manufacturing, automotive industries, as well as a subculture of craftsman, inventors and entrepreneurs. This mixture of cutting edge technology and individual resourcefulness influences our design and construction process. We utilize 3-d digitizing technology, rapid prototyping, laser cutters, and computer numerically controlled routers along with casting, vacuum forming and traditional model building to visualize their design. They are on a continuous mission to research and experiment with new building materials and construction techniques using 3-d technology and manufacturing techniques outside the architectural profession. As part of this process the studio works closely with contractors and manufacturers throughout the design process to develop building systems and build full scale mock-ups for their projects.

Finally they pursue a design approach that integrates a wide variety of sustainability concepts and new building materials in their design, collaborating with world leading energy consultants utilizing computer software to study the integration of thermal and solar energy systems. In doing so, they minimize energy consumption and maximize the use of natural resources. In today’s world it is our responsibility to provide clients with a range of ideas, resources and materials that can make a difference to our environment.