Arons en Gelauff architects

Arons en Gelauff architects is an architectural office in Amsterdam. Our firm focusses on the design of large scale housing projects.

Floor Arons (1968) and Arnoud Gelauff (1963) founded Arons en Gelauff architects in 1996. Over time it has grown into an office with a staff of around 20 professionals.
In our designs we strive to dig deep into the briefs and programs that are presented to us. We thoroughly analyse the questions of site, brief and budget and answer these with a daring and appealing concept. By understanding these elements thoroughly and with our years of experience in the field, we can successfully develop architectures that exactly land in the place where usability, economic viability and architectural expression come together.
We carefully design basic elements, such as dwelling units, and arrange them playfully to fit within the concept. With this ‘joy in repetition’ we manage to create attracting and very specific designs from ordinary briefs and programs.

Our buildings are pleasurable and sustainable architectures, that are equally appreciated by the general public as well as by the professionals in the architectural field. Our project Wiener en Co has been awarded the Zuiderkerkprijs in 2012. This prize recognises the best residential project in Amsterdam.
And our project ‘De Pontsteiger’, an eye-catching high-rise condominium project for 350 apartments in Amsterdam, has gained recognition from different angles. In 2018 the office was awarded the international buildingSMART award for construction. And eventually ‘De Pontsteiger’ has been nominated for an EUMies award 2022.