[applied] Foreign Affairs

[a]FA is a lab investigating spatial, infrastructural, environmental and cultural phenomena in rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa. A series of lectures and talks introduces students to the spatial diversity and cultural vibrancy of the contemporary African condition, followed by workshops which focus on the status and potential of a specific region. Each lab centers on a distinct question and clear mission and culminates in a field trip through which rural growth patterns, urban prototypes, imaginary art spaces, and relational physical interventions are produced. The outcome of each lab is presented in different formats and contexts, both on the African continent and in Europe.

 [a]FA is performed in collaboration with international guests, teaching staff of the IoA, and with partner universities. [a]FA is commissioned by NGOs, cultural institutions, artist collectives and individuals.

A selected number of students can participate after application. A limited number of partial scholarships are available. The workload is in line with the Curriculum of the Design Studio Semester Program to not disturb it. Excursions only take place during Semester breaks. Students of related disciplines are most welcome.