Cherry Blossom House


Architects: UberRaum
Year: 2014
Location: Black Forest, Germany
Client: Private
RIBA stages: 1-6
Photography: René Lamb

This award-winning family home is situated close to Strasbourg, in a village famous for its cherry trees and cherry schnapps. Presented with a naturally beautiful site, and constrained by a modest budget, we resolved to design a building that engaged with its natural environment. The house is highly methodical in its plan and dramatically augmented by the selective framing of views.

Site plan

The building sits confidently in the landscape, jutting out like a ship in a sea of green. It allows the landscape to flow uninterrupted beneath it, elevating living spaces into the blossoms. At the heart of the house an ample open plan kitchen forms the family’s central hub. The top floor, including bedrooms, is level with the treetops, evoking the atmosphere of an exclusive tree house retreat.

Designed as a low-carbon German Passivhaus, the timber frame construction was prefabricated off site and erected in just one week. The building is insulated with eco-friendly cellulose and fitted with triple glazing. With its roof-integrated solar and photovoltaic system it is also almost entirely energy self-sufficient.


The Cherry Blossom House was officially awarded the prestigious Beispielhaftes Bauen (Exemplary Design) Award by the Architectural Chamber of Baden Württemberg in 2014. In 2015 it won the award for the Most Eco-Friendly Single Dwelling at BUILD magazine’s 2015 Architecture Awards.