Cane Structure and Smart Lighting System

Canyaviva | Protopixel | Tigrelab

Structure: Canyaviva
Visual content: Tigrelab
Lighting technology: ProtoPixel
Location: Barcelona
Year: 2017-2018
Client: Primavera Sound
Video&Music: WeLoveMartha
Photography: Alba RuperezSergio Albert

Made from organic and industrial materials and featuring a Bowers & Wilkins Sound System, the installation is the first smart stage ever built for a festival. The space underwent a metamorphosis at nightfall, and the smart lighting system created a unique atmosphere to complement the already evocative auditory and dance experience.

The challenge was to create an experience only using natural elements, working with shapes and new materials.

Tigrelab used ProtoPixel Create to produce organic animations, telling a story to the audience and eliciting their emotions. Five ProtoPixel Controllers were distributed across the structure, controlling over 200 meters of LED strips.

The natural scenography of the space, embraced by high reeds, coupled with the flexibility and shape of the structure, contributed to a distinctive and emotion-filled ambience, while the sound, the artistry and the visual lighting came together in a seamless and immersive experience. This mise-en-scene unravelled its story through the night, with the lighting installation at the forefront of the natural scenery of the beach and palm trees.