WWW Drawing

WWW Drawing explores architectural drawing in relation to technique and technology. What is the role of drawing for architecture, in a digital age? Articles have been written about the implicit value of hand drawing in comparison to computer-generated drawing; conferences and symposia on drawing have been held, even asking if drawing is dead!

WWW Drawing –a project of Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Architecture- explored the issues through events including a giant-scale drawing workshop and a symposium held at the Drawing Center, New York. WWW refers both to the World Wide Web, and the Three Ws: architects Michael Webb, Mark West and James Wines, who reflect on their individual approaches to hand drawing in this volume. Artists and architects of a younger generation – Daniel Cardoso Llach, Andrew Heumann, Jürg Lehni, Jane Nisselson, Seher Shah and Ann Tarantino- address various aspects of architectural drawing, both analog and digital.

Together, their research and creative explorations- into contrasting ideologies of early computer-aided design; technology as expressive vocabulary; and drawing as live performance, whetever done by hand or robotic drawing machines – cast architectural drawing in a fresh light.