IAAC Bits 9

The IaaC BITS journal is a collective container of knowledge developed by the Advanced Architecture Group of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The journal collects material stimulating, promoting and developing research in the diverse areas of Advanced Architecture through a multi-disciplinary approach. With the 9th issue, IaaC BITS is entering a new editorial phase pushing research, generating dialogue and presenting novel ideas and solutions for the current global challenges.

In the face of a hyper-technified world, we need more technology. In the face of an inhuman world, we need more otherness. In front of a perturbed world, we need more alienation. And above all, in front of an adulterated world, we need more artifice. In this scenario, biological agents, ecological agents, technological agents and cultural agents coproduce a reality that is no longer built from promethean epics, relativist ironies or primitivist nostalgia, but from accelerated hybrids; poly-plural constructs that hurtle towards a post-capitalist world. In the light of this narrative, Black Ecologies displays an architecture based not only on processes and performances, but also on specific, literal and hyperrealist protocols; they do not find shelter in abstraction, history or language, but on the conformation of operative “assemblages”.

This monographic issue – presented with an experimental and proactive foundation and associated to technological and creative innovation – aims at to combining inter-disciplinary and multi-scalar exchanges with a new environmental and socio-cultural sensitivity.

The different formats that constitute the new IaaC BITS respond to criteria of documentary coherence and expository clarity: INTRO, main introductory inputs that help to frame each topic; PAPERS, a set of content dedicated to background articles and theoretical contributions, argued culturally, scientifically and bibliographically; DIALOGUES/INTERVIEWS exchanges between different approaches and research trajectories; RESEARCH PROJECTS, a sample of projects, experimental proposals and applicative essays.