Future Real

The future is not as far away as it might seem.
What seemed a problem of the next generation now has become a problem of tomorrow. We are accelerating towards a future that is evermore present, guided by political and economic forces that seem unintelligible. Is this quick-paced intangible progression, the role of the architect is at stake. How can architecture keep up with society? Can it adapt quickly enough to frame it? And is so, what should that frame look like?
The book features interviews with the professors and essays on their specific studio topics. Michael Young investigates the past from the future in “Aesthetics of Accelerationism: The Icelandic Infrastructure 2036-2056.”
Kersten Geers analyzes visions for agricultural ensembles for communal living in “Architecture Without Consent 19: Almost Classicism.” And David Erdman looks to the potential of building on top of housing estates in Hong Kong in “Objects and Qualities.”