Ali Bei Social Housing for the Elderly and a Temporary Housing Center

Arquitectura Produccions | Pau Vidal | Vivas Arquitectos

Architects: Pau Vidal, Arquitectura Produccions and Vivas Arquitectos
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 6,019.98 m2
Year: 2020
Photography: José Hevia

The project is located in a unique block of the Eixample district, formerly fragmented by the railway and currently opened to new public spaces. Two separate volumes define a large green central courtyard and circulation areas. The building facing the street consolidates the front of the block and the second volume is conceived as an isolated building, even separating itself from the limits of the plot to respond to the existing irregular urban voids.

The temporary housing center on the ground floor and first floor is accessed through an open public passage. The dwellings are accessed through an independent closed lobby and the communications core which opens towards the side with double-height spaces. On the ground floor and roof levels there are common and outdoor spaces (multipurpose room, laundry, gardens, terraces, porches) that expand the way of living beyond the apartments, thus compensating for their reduced size.

The single bedroom apartments for the elderly are cross ventilated, with access through an open walkway and entrance gate, an intermediate space that allows the appropriation of the common space and regulates the apartments’ privacy. From the central kitchen the spatial perception is extended by diagonal views towards the living room and bedroom with a large sliding door. The terraces extend the living rooms into the outdoors.