Agrocity Gagarine Truillot


In the heart of Ivry-sur-Seine (Val de Marne), the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot urban project is a paradigmatic example of urban regeneration in an ANRU sector (an area identified as priority by the National Agency for Urban Renewal).

This ZAC, carried out by GPA – EPA ORSA, develops the values of mixed uses, new uses, co-creation with inhabitants, pre-existing conditions, the circular and supportive economy, and the de-standardization of our lifestyles.

Within a peaceful neighborhood that favors pedestrian mobility, the project offers a city of proximity, united and appropriable. Public space and vegetation are an opportunity for social connection and create actual agricultural landscapes in dense urban areas.

From the outset, the transitory urban planning approach, supported by the Fernand Léger Contemporary Art Gallery, has offered a refection on the collective memory and poetry of the place.