The Vertical City

Samyn & Partners

Architects: Samyn & Partners
Published published at the Academie Royale de Belgique

All new vertical neighborhoods in development today lack a prospective vision. They result from the accumulation of isolated initiatives that are coordinated nearly only by administrative and technical rules, which include the L/H and L/B rules. They will leave a mark on the landscape that risks to be only for less than a century while having monopolized considerable human and financial means both for the private investor and the community.

The lifespan of post Second World War constructions, based on short-term architectural and technological vision and concepts, is already quite short. It is now further shortened by the current enthusiasm for unbridled geometric forms using, naively or with involuntary and futile cynicism, scientific progress and technical prowess.

Engineering is now reduced to the stylish exteriors of American cars produced in Detroit barely 30 years ago! We have witnessed where neglect of logic and mechanical expertise can lead.

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