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Architects: GNWA
Location: Bussigny, Switzerland
Year: 2023
Photography: Rasmus Norlander, Federico Farinatti

Team: Marco Neri, Cristina Gonzalo Nogués, Markus Weck
with: Silvia Toninello, Davide Lazzari, Lea Muttoni, Vittoria Altana, Lucio Luque, Valmira Haziri, Anita Gustuti, Nicolò Lastrico, Maribal González, Patricia Gude, Laura Sanchis, Rodrigo Mendoza

School Complex Bussigny

The project is located in Bussigny, near Lausanne, in a newly developed neighborhood. The project aims to establish centrality through a public space for the new school as well as for the entire community.

The existing steep slope of the terrain has been modified to create different plateaus. A central main space, the Agora, is envisioned as a connector between the various levels of the site, linking the public square to the south and the upper level through a system of stairs.

This Agora space is defined by three distinct volumes: the sports hall, the primary school, and the kindergarten. Each of these programs has its own entrance located at one of the corners, designed as a covered space with a colonnade.

The paved central space of the Agora contrasts with the surroundings, which are designed as a green park offering various activities for children and the neighborhood. The precise layout of the three volumes on the slope generates multiple levels and different accesses for each program, creating true permeability on the site and enhancing accessibility.

The three volumes share the same vocabulary. An abstract grid for the façades, emphasizing the vertical elements, reinforces the unity of the project, imparting sobriety and elegance to the overall design. However, the use of pink, green, and grey colors in soft, almost pastel tones reflects the intention to give each volume its own identity. Color becomes a theme, and the elements composing the façade – concrete, windows, and blinds – are presented in the same hues.

Architects: GNWA
Location: Bussigny, Switzerland
Year: 2023
Photography: Rasmus Norlander, Federico Farinatti

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