Pool in Bagneux: Restructuring and Extension

Dominique Coulon & Associés

Architects: Dominique Coulon & Associés.
Location: 1 Stalingrad Avenue, Bagneux, France.
Area: 3,431 m2
Year: 2014
Photography: Clément Guillaume and David Romero-Uzeda

Restructuring and extension of a swimming pool in Bagneux, southern suburbs of Paris (France). The purpose of our project, in an urban redevelopment area, is to transform the building’s image.



The refurbishment and extension form a harmonious mineral body. The extension is in light grey concrete and the original building, with external insulation, is faced with cement in the same shade. This minerality is continued through to the hall floor, in Lucerne quartzite laid as opus incertum.


Site Plan

The scale of the new building, reinforced in this way, displays its strong urban presence. Its large cantilever and forecourt provide a generous amount of public space. A play of light recalls the reflection in the water on the east façade. The exterior signing is on the same scale as the building, and the archway serves as a giant sun-shade.



The project creates a break in time, with unforgettable ambiances, soft lighting, fluid architectural promenades, and curves replacing right-angles.


Elevations & Sections

The distribution area is flooded with unusual blue-tinged aquatic light, provided by a horizontal porthole in the bottom of the children’s paddling area. The light changes with the movement of the water.


The space of the double-height relaxation area is encompassed by curved shapes; an attractive rounded window frames the view of the garden.


The architecture of the existing large area (two pools) is conserved. The incline of the structure is emphasized; the subtle play of oblique lines also adds a contemporary touch.


The paddling pool offers children the feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon. The area is curved, which reduces sound reverberation naturally. The tall bay window floods the small round pool with sunlight. The place is designed to appeal to children’s imaginations.


The large terrace is treated like a beach, with a tall concrete safety guard providing bathers with privacy.

This is a place for discovery, in harmony with the ergonomics of the body.


Architects: Dominique Coulon and Benjamin Rocchi.
Design team: Arnaud Eloudyi, Sarah Brebbia and Gautier Duthoit.
Client : Communauté d’Agglomération Sud de Seine.
Construction site supervision: Agence Olivier Werner.
Structural engineer: Batiserf Ingénierie.
Mechanical electrical plumbing engineer: Alto Ingénierie.
Cost estimator: E3 Economie.
Acoustics: Euro Sound Project
Budget: 8,038,000 euros.