Open Collectives: Platforms Leveraging Solidarity

Civic Data Design Lab | Rafi Segal

Open Collectives is an immersive installation featuring four digital and architectural platforms leveraging solidarity to strengthen economic sovereignty, housing affordability, communal self-determination, and mutual aid.

Carehaus Baltimore is a five-story building designed around a shared courtyard allowing ground level access from both street and alley. To ensure light and air circulation, each floor has a shared terrace facing the courtyard, and each unit has windows facing at least two directions. Built to withstand a pandemic and encourage social integration, Carehaus’ architectural features include outdoor gardens, terraces, an absence of corridors, and drop off locations for packages.

The installation showcases urban projects designed for collectives across different sites and programs, while introducing a crowdsourcing site to engage Biennale Architettura 2021 visitors in sharing their own ideas, experience, and knowledge with a global audience – extending the project’s reach beyond Venice and past 2021. Each component queries relationships between the individual and collective, figure and ground, form and signifier, inviting viewers to shift attention to the spaces we design for mutualism.

Created by the MIT Civic Data Design Lab, Collective Voices is a digital platform that asks visitors to express their ideas across four specific themes (Labor, Care, Living and Market) and the concept of sharing. © Civic Data Design Lab
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