Old Estrella Damm Factory Renovation: a Multipurpose Re-used Factory


Architect: Toolstudio
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2007

Discover the hidden magic of spaces and transform them.

The Damm Factory on Rosselló Street, built in 1905, was a working brewery until 1992. Since then, it has served as Damm’s corporate headquarters. In addition to housing a permanent exhibition, it is best known for the events and festivals that take place on the premises, which have made it a cultural benchmark in the city.

The building corresponds to the classic industrial typology of the time: the façades combine stucco and exposed brick, the truncated cone-shaped chimneys are typical of early 20th-century factory architecture.

In 2007, the owners proposed transforming the facilities into the brand’s flagship, relying on Toolstudio to take on the challenge. What began as a limited initial commission for the renovation of two rooms has transformed, over 10 years, into an ongoing relationship and a mutual collaboration, taking care of the architecture and preserving the “original spirit” of the spaces.

The weighing room was refurbished to house events related to the Damm company’s activities. Direct access points to the communication core between the different stories were renovated. A new entry gate to the complex’s main courtyard was installed, designed by Javier Mariscal in corten steel.

The terrace, cafeterias, lounges, parking lot, and offices for the different departments were renovated.

Post-refurbishment, one of the most emblematic rooms – the Brewing room – is used as a museum and as a meeting room for company-related events. The old machinery is preserved in this room, along with the original bronze boilers.