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Architects: 3XN Architects

Location: Lemvig, Denmark

Area: 1,600 m2

Year: 2021

Photography: Adam Mørk

Klimatorium in Lemvig

The Klimatorium, Denmark’s international climate center in Lemvig, has now been completed. The new climate center combines rustic and pragmatic architecture by 3XN with local nature design and integrated flood protection by SLA.

The Klimatorium offers an innovative and creative mini-hub for storm surge, water and climate research. Its open public facilities and recreational outdoor spaces also offer innovative opportunities to experience, sense and use the unique natural surroundings of Lemvig and the Limfjord.

A Robust and Inviting Klimatorium

The main architectural concept of the Klimatorium is pragmatic, and its materials have been kept in wood, concrete and steel. The symbol of the building is a wooden “wave” that rises above the main entrance and makes the building an easily recognizable landmark. This motif is inspired by Lemvig’s characteristic fishing boats and is a tribute to the area’s cultural history and local building customs.

“A key design element has been to create an inviting building with clear references to the function of the building as well as its location in the Port of Lemvig. The tiled wave made of wood gives the building a strong identity. Both inside and out, it becomes a gathering point and social meeting place for Klimatorium employees and guests as well as the people of Lemvig,” says Jan Ammundsen, architect and senior partner at 3XN.

The floating structure and use of glass gives the Klimatorium a distinct contemporary look. The building has two levels and, in terms of scale, it has been adapted to fit in with the existing buildings in the port area. The first floor is surrounded by black-stained wooden slats, which give the building a simple and rustic look and protect it against direct sunlight.

Inside, the Klimatorium offers office spaces, meeting rooms, common areas and a publicly accessible café and exhibition area that focus on creating social synergies by encouraging users of the building to engage in different kinds of interaction, meetings and collaboration. Visual contact, a flexible framework, attractive meeting points, overlapping functions and activity-based design all contribute to reinforcing social relations within the building as well as promoting community and innovation.

Climate Corridor and Flood Protection

The Klimatorium highlights the development of the Port of Lemvig from commercial port to one of Denmark’s most impressive experience ports, while the extensive and integrated flood protection of the port is finally completed.

Key to this is the project’s landscape and nature design: the Green Climate Corridor. The Climate Corridor is partly an “expo landscape” for users of the Klimatorium and partly a public green urban space with a pleasant microclimate and diverse outdoor urban life options for everyone.

“We use the Climate Corridor to showcase the ways in which we can use nature-based design to climate-proof our cities, while adding a whole new layer of nature experiences and activities. The planting consists of hardy native species that thrive in salty coastal environments. The trees have been planted so that they break up the wind, optimize the microclimate and provide space for a number of activities such as a water playground, parkour and a multi-purpose sports court for roller skating, ball games and other activities. The flood defense is fully integrated into the urban space, so that it does not cut the sea off from the city, but on the contrary reinforces a connection with the water. This is done by using a multifunctional and fully accessible wooden jetty, which provides a leisure area and space for events and is integrated into the raw and natural stone setting, where children are able to paddle, climb and play and thereby get very close to the sea and the water,” says Karsten Thorlund, head of SLA Aarhus and project manager.


The Klimatorium is Denmark’s international climate center located in Lemvig on the west coast of Denmark. The Klimatorium brings together civil society, government authorities, businesses and educational establishments for debate, research and innovation on lifestyle, prevention and adaptation to the climate challenges we face.

The mission of the Klimatorium is to develop and describe new solutions to challenges in the following areas: Coastal Climate Challenges, Green Energy, Circular Economy, Water and Environment.

The Klimatorium is part of the Coast-to-Coast Climate Challenge, a climate change adaptation project led by the Central Jutland Region and supported by the LIFE program, which consists of collaboration between partners across different sectors.

The Klimatorium was designed by 3XN in partnership with SLA (outdoor design and integrated flood protection) and Orbicon (engineering and technical consultant).

Architects: 3XN Architects

Location: Lemvig, Denmark

Area: 1,600 m2

Year: 2021

Photography: Adam Mørk

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