India by Clara Pardo Gromaches

Entropy and urban landscape in India

The exhibition documents part of the traditional India, avoiding exoticism and stereotyped images that are part of our country’s imagery. It is a portrait of anonymous cities, ordinary architecture and spontaneous urbanism; in which the great iconic buildings are not the protagonists. The architecture loses its monumental character and reconnects to its context, the urban space.

Emphasis is placed on the India that is being lost to Western modernity, to its detriment.  The country is absorbing change – without questioning it- seeing it as a symbol of progress and economic development. The aim of the exhibition is to reflect on the local environment, the authenticity of the rural world and the architectural tradition – sustainable and climatically efficient.

From the concept of entropy, as an aesthetic search the artist’s gaze spontaneously finds a balance between the parts. A vision that strips the city of chaos and portrays the urban form to show us a quiet reality. Small urban fragments are selected to compose a more realistic view of this distant country.

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