Huaxin Tiandi Campus: Nature in the Heart of the City

Ferrier Marchetti Studio

Architects: Ferrier Marchetti Studio
Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 51,000 m2
Year: 2020
Photography: Luc Boegly

How can an office campus contribute to the life of the neighborhood in which it is located?

Here, the large garden that serves as a daily setting for all the employees is also a promenade offered to the city. A diagonal crossing allows passers-by to reach from Yishan Road to Tianlin Road through the heart of a natural landscape, away from traffic. The buildings have been positioned to open up the site, making this project a lively and welcoming space, bringing nature back into the heart of the city.

The architecture is sober and unitary, bringing a calm counterpoint in a Shanghai in constant movement. The numerous loggias are identified by the use of colored ceramic tubes, a contemporary evocation of bamboo following ancestral Chinese know-how. The interplay of colors and materials creates a sense of movement and a constantly shifting façade viewed differently from various standpoints.

This Ferrier Marchetti Studio project is emblematic of our approach to both contemporary architecture and its ability to express urban ambition: comprising a collection of buildings, each with an individual form designed to suit its location, but, at the same time, contributing to a strong collective identity with a strong interlaced landscape.

In reconsidering our urban infrastructure for a more sustainable future, we unlock an opportunity to place the human experience at the heart of all new projects. Ferrier Marchetti Studio designs from a humanistic perspective, with pleasure in mind, seeking to enhance the quality of life not just through individual buildings, but through the blurring of disciplinary barriers to create whole experiences. We aim to move beyond the fragmented, de-contextualized experience of cities to once again place the senses, the body, at the center of design. The pleasure that can be given by the daily experience of cities has to be reconquered as an essential and vital asset of our urban lives.

Our work celebrates the micro as well as the macro, with a sensual focus on material, details and craftsmanship. We like to showcase materials in our buildings: their properties, densities, colors and textures. In this way, Ferrier Marchetti Studio considers all projects of equal value, drawing out the beauty in even the simplest project. Huaxin Tiandi Campus hence perfectly emphasizes our vision of architecture.