House in a House: Two Concentric Parts


Architects: PLURAL
Location: Bernolákovo, Slovakia
Area: 300 m2
Year: 2016
Photography: Daniela Dostálková

The family house is located in a stabilized area of detached houses and garden plots. Set back from the street, it sits in the same position as a former garden house.

This provides a certain amount of privacy and isolation. The central situation of the house splits the plot into the front and rear garden. While the front garden is concieved as lush, informal vegetation, the rear garden hidden behind the house has a more functional character.

The house itself is divided into two concentric parts: inner and outer. The inner part is comprised of basic dwelling components and is laid out in a Palladian 3×3 grid with a vertically accented dining room at its center.

The outer part consists of the additional program: patios of different sizes and proportions, a garage, a pool and storage areas. It forms an in-between space, neither a house nor a garden. It serves as a mediator between the two.