Ha Aretz

Ha Aretz by Roger Grasas.

Named for a word in the Hebrew language spoken by Jesus Christ that means the Holy Land, Ha Aretz is a reinterpretation of the biblical stories amidst a globalized world of alienation and conflict. Based on a deep historiographic research and compiled with photos taken throughout all the countries that make up the Holy Land, the work documents the precise locations where the most celebrated events of the Holy Scriptures supposedly took place, beginning with Genesis and Exodus and passing through the life of Jesus up to the Revelation. From the river Nile to the Sea of Galilee, Damascus to Bethlehem or Mount Sinai to Babylon, Ha Aretz reflects on the evolution of the ancestral regions that represent the epicenter of Jewish, Christian, and Arab cultures, while attesting to the power that geopolitics, capitalism, and technology exert in our times. The booklet describes the relevance of the place then and now.

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